What’s new for May 2011?


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Here’s brand new stuff for the month:

Keren Abigail, our fifth grandchild, arrives May 20

Confessions of an author/speaker
My keynote talk at the Blue Ridge Mountain Christian Writers’ Conference

David Wilkerson’s last post offers hope
My hero, as a teen, was David Wilkerson, made famous by his best-selling book, Cross and the Switchblade, and the movie by the same name.

Latest air adventure: good news/bad news

The latest on Harold Camping’s end of the world predictions
Christ returning May 21
Top ten things not to do before earth is destroyed on October 21

The Proverbs 31 woman . . . an other myths
Relax, Mom, you don’t have to compare yourself with this wonder woman!

Successful suffering
(An excerpt from Squeezing Good out of Bad)

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What’s new for April 2011?


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Fourteen years of “Hope & Humor”
250 articles, book excerpts, columns, devotionals, editorials, humor columns, original music and videos from my sixteen books and over two thousands articles in print. Plus . . .

Clone-liness is not next to godliness
It’s pastoral vote season in my denomination. And despite all the ponderous prayers that parishioners seek “the mind of God” in voting, I haven’t seen a single unanimous vote! Perhaps . . .

Is “Iron Man” really a good idea?
I probably over-think things, but I’m not sure iron is the best component for a super hero. Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite, but Iron Man can be stopped in his tracks by being caught in the rain. And that giant magnet at the scrap yard or an MRI technician can easily take him out. So here, IMHO, are some better engineered superheroes:

Lent, Good Friday and Easter resources

My plot to eliminate IRS

Which path is “right” path?!
I’m not always sure I’m on the “right” path. So, here are a couple thoughts.

You are important
The apostle Paul provides three important reminders.

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What’s new for March 2011?


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Hell’s bells! Bell’s hell
Author and pastor of Mars Hill, Rob Bell, is taking heat for what some evangelicals are accusing of universalism (where everyone receives heaven in the end) and the denial of hell’s existence. Some thoughts . . .

Are ‘natural’ disasters ‘acts of God’?
Responding to the Japanese earthquake and tsunami (Friday, March 11, 2011)

Bob and Larry outed!
Scandal has rocked Veggie Tales, the popular video series which brought us such classics as “Dave and the Giant Pickle,” “Larry-Boy and the Rumor Weed,” and “Silly Songs with Larry.”

Cure for the winter-time blues
Some spring-fresh links (Saturday, March 12, 2011)

iPastor: online pastoral care
This site is a combination of my love for helping people, writing, and social networking. Here’s how I can help.

Over-the-top victors
The apostle Paul needed a way to describe the kind of victory that believers have in Christ Jesus. So Paul created the word upernikwmen by combing the Greek words hyper and nike.

Walk in another man’s shoes. Go bowling!
A humorous look at cliches (Thursday, March 10, 2011)

Weighty issues
For the past 15 years, I’ve been fighting “The Battle of the Bulge” and trying to laugh about it on the way. Here are five of my favorite newspaper columns on this weighty issue.

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What’s new for February 2011

Love, marriage and sex—in that order Our annual look at love, sex, relationships . . . (February 1)

“I understand . . .” death and grief (February 3)

Psalms for the disillusioned I love the honest writing of Asaph, King David’s worship leader (February 5)

Psalms for the disillusioned The psalms of Asaph (Psalm 50 and Psalms 73-83) are filled with discouragement and disillusionment (February 12)

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What’s new for January 2011

Drama King: God is a great script writer He never defuses the bombs in our lives with more than one second to spare! (January 1)

How to move a mountain Lois and I are facing a huge mountain, so I wrote this just for me. Thanks for your prayers! (January 3)

When dreams die There is hope of resurrection! (January 4)

Don’t pry into God’s ways A great passage from Thomas a’ Kempis’ Imitation of Christ! At least I needed it. (January 6)

Christ’s career path: obscurity, popularity, rejection (January 17)

Martin Luther King Jr’s ten commandments for cultural change A chapter from my latest book proposal (January 17)

When life gives you lemons—sell them on eBay (January 21)

The latest Hope & Humor



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JamesWatkins.com is all decked out for the holidays:

Our thirteenth annual Twelve Sites of Christmas

Our new twist on our annual year in review: 2010 according to TwitterFace

But wait, there’s more: The best of Hope & Humor: Twenty of my most hopeful posts from 2010

And of course, our annual Old predictions for the new year

Have a very meaningful Christmas and a God-directed New Year!

DiscipleSites.com: Your Christian connection to almost everything


I just launched a brand new site! DiscipleSites.com is a portal to tons of Christian resources including Bibles, blogs, devotions, encouragement, humor, leadership resources, media, music, news, and relationships.
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I’ve probably missed your favorite Christian site, so email me and suggest a site.

Donald James Watkins 1928-2010

Bad news for us; great news for Dad. As of Monday, November 29, 7:20 am he’s enjoying God’s presence in heaven. Thanks for you prayers!

Here are the arrangements for Dad if you live nearby:

Wednesday 2-4, 6-8 pm
Farley-Estes & Dowdle Funeral Home
105 Capital Ave. NE
Battle Creek, MI
(800) 962-5527

Thursday 11:30 am
Farley-Estes & Dowdle Funeral Home

Top ten things my Dad taught me


I have in my right hand, direct from my home office in Corn Borer, Indiana, today’s category: top ten things my Dad taught me. Actually, there are probably thousands: how to ride a bike, how to shoot a gun, how to parallel park, how to tie a Windsor knot, how to use a table saw without losing any appendages . . . the list goes on and on. But here are, what I consider, the top ten:

10. Sand with the grain
Cut against the grain, but then sand with it to smooth things out. Good advice for woodworking and working with people.

9. It’s better to laugh than cry

Since my sophomore year in high school, I’ve been writing humor: a weekly column for seven years in a teen magazine, a column for fifteen years in three Indiana newspapers, and a column each issue for a pastors’ magazine. I couldn’t have developed my dry sense of English humor without the wonderful examples from my Dad. His quiet, spontaneous wit continues to crack up the family even as dementia muddles his mind and cancer batters his body. It is better to laugh than cry!

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