Iron Man had super ticket sales at last weekend’s box office, but I’m not sure iron is the best component for a super hero. Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite, but Iron Man can be stopped in his tracks with a few water balloons. And that giant magnet at the scrap yard or an MRI technician can easily take him out.

Here are some better engineered superheroes:

Titanium Man: Ten times stronger and lighter than Iron Man without any of the rust issues.

Lead Man: Mild-mannered Chinese toymaker by day, but by night is invincible to radiation and airport security.

Teflon Man: No weapons stick to this superhero, plus cleanup’s a cinch!

Silicon Man: Faster than a super computer and able to leap firewalls in a single bound, but has been known to be immobilized by the evil Tech Support.

Platinum Girl: Utilizing powerful good looks, able to reduce evil geniuses to babbling idiots.

But who is the supreme superhero? Click here for my nomination.