This digital dinosaur is adapting to his changing environment by moving this blog to the WordPress.com platform. My site had become a bloated brontosaurus with extinct and fossilized articles and columns, so I’m shedding tons of material. Hopefully, it’s more of a crocodile now—which lived at the time of the dinosaurs—but survived by being fast and sleek.

For articles, columns, essays and humor that have survived the virtual climate change, visit the all new (and hopefullly improved) www.jameswatkins.com.

I’m finishing up some editing and getting ready to head to the Colorado Christian Writers Conference next week, so the process of natural selection will pause until I’m back.

The great thing about moving to the WordPress platform is that I can post comments from anywhere there’s an Internet connection, so if anything dramatic happens while I’m in Colorado, this crocodile can snap at it!