In January, I realized I didn’t have a single speaking engagement in June and July—which are usually two of my busiest months. And that was just a bit disconcerting!

The only other time I’ve had a summer without speaking engagements, the youth pastor at my wife’s church resigned—by email—to the entire church email list—at 11:30 pm Saturday night—and was gone! I became interim youth pastor at 51 years old that summer.

Again, God has cleared my schedule for this summer. This time, so I can undergo radiation treatment for prostate cancer. And that realization has given me added confidence that a) nothing surprises God and b) that He has the situation under control.

God’s schedule doesn’t always conform to mine, and I don’t always like how He answers (or doesn’t answer) my prayers, but I do trust He has things planned better than me. So some thoughts . . .

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