According to a recent Barna study, I’m not your average blogger.

“Blogs are most common among single adults, Northeast residents, homosexuals, those not registered to vote, and atheists and agnostics.”

Nope. Nope. Nope. Nope. And nope.

While about one-quarter (23 percent) of Internet users have a page on Facebook or MySpace, only one-tenth of Americans have a personal blog or Web site.

The Barna Report adds, “Blogging has not reached the ‘tipping point’ towards becoming a mainstream activity (an emerging technology is often thought to ‘tip’ toward majority use when the penetration reaches 20 percent or more of the population). Still, there are an estimated 16 million American adults who use their blog as a pulpit to broadcast their voice to the world.

Before blogging reaches that tipping point, I’d like to see some kind of legal definition of bloggers. Are they “journalists” and thus afforded the legal privileges of the media? Are they required to follow the same copyright laws and standards for verification of facts? How about laws concerning libel and slander?

What are your thoughts?