I have in my right hand—direct from my home office—May’s top ten most popular pages [April’s ranking]:

1. Home page / blog [1]

2. Mr. Platypus’ billabong page [2]

3. “I just want to die” [4]

4. Three secrets to xxx-ceptional sex [—]

5. Dealing with death and grief [8]

6. Top ten reasons I’m not divorcing my wife [5]

7. The hidden habit: masturbation [7]

8. Writing resources [—]

9. One nation under the Supreme Being of your choice [9]

10. Is it a life or a choice? [8]

Every month, I am amazed at the topics that prove more popular than sex—at least on my site. From the beginning of 2008, the pages on suicide and death have shot to the top. And I’m still baffled how a very confused mammal (lays eggs, but nurses young) has managed to hold on to the number two spot for several months. Hmmm?