Pic: Hannah “Danica” pulls ahead of “Papaw” in exciting finish at the Watkins’ annual Memorial Day picnic.

Some personal notes:

Clowning around

My parents had purchased a “clown bike” at a garage sale, and the adults soon discovered that the six-inch wheels leveled the playing field with three-year-olds. While I pushed off to a quick start, granddaughter Hannah pulled even and then passed me in the home stretch. (It’s much harder to ride than it looks!) Grandson Micah (right behind me) came in a respectable third.

What a great day with the extended family and the four grandkids!

Prostate update

Today’s procedure to implant three gold markers—so the radiologist can target the beams at my prostate—went well. And, yes, I have heard all the jokes about “family jewels,” “bling” and “hot pants.” I begin the actual daily radiation treatments when Lois and I get home from . . .

General Conference

Lois will be staffing the Women in Ministry booth (number 132) at our denomination’s general conference in Orlando. I’ll just be hanging out, working on a couple book proposals and seeing old friends. It’s like a family reunion—without dysfunctional relatives.

My friend and fellow threat to society, Keith Drury, will be providing “real time” reports on his blog when the motions begin to fly Monday. (I’ll probably have a comment or two as well.)