It’s summer, and that means it’s general conference season for denominations.

The Baptists are discussing whether it’s a real baptism if the person baptizing doesn’t believe in eternal security. Meanwhile, the church in England is debating whether or not it’s offensive to Muslims to say that Jesus in the only way to salvation.

I’m at my denomination’s general conference where delegates will be discussing a position statement on domestic abuse. (I can’t wait to see if we’re for it or against it! )

And, once again, we’ll be debating membership requirements. I don’t think there’s any good way to determine who’s in and who’s out. Perhaps, inspired by Homeland Security’s color code, here’s a memorial for consideration: Membership standards for the modern church

ILois and I will be hanging out at booth 132 where she is rep’ing women in ministry.

And be sure to stop by the conference book display for a copy of my Communicate to Change Lives containing all the secrets to getting your motion passed at general conference.