It’s day two of the business sessions at my denomination’s general conference. And despite all the ponderous prayers that delegates have “the mind of God” in voting, I haven’t seen one unanimous vote! Perhaps . . .

    The church of tomorrow will have unity,
    Thanks to our science and technology.
    No disagreements o’er buildings and plans,
    Or if, when we sing, we should sit or should stand.
    And every member will always agree,
    In every matter of church polity.
    In doctrine, convictions and pastoral votes,
    There’ll be only yes’s on balloting totes.
    Goodbye to politicking over the phone,
    Hello to tomorrow’s “First Church of the Clone.”
A clone, of course, is an exact genetic duplicate. But in the Body of Christ, “clone-liness is not next to godliness.” First Corinthians 12 is a celebration of diversity and uniqueness in the church.

Paul uses the Greek word translated “like-minded.” In the original language it meant to “center one’s thinking on something or to steer one’s action by this mind set, having one’s mind guided by a way of thinking, having one’s mind set on one purpose.”

So while we have one mind (Jesus Christ and his teachings), we certainly don’t have one mold (personality, background, tradition or even convictions)!

God demands unity, not uniformity—or even unanimous votes.

So, some thoughts on “Finding” God’s will