Thousands of years ago, the writer of Ecclesiastes bemoaned, “of the making of books, there is no end.” He would be shocked to learn just how many books were made last year. According to the June 2 issue of Publishers Weekly, 400,000! Over 100,000 of them were self-made.

Here are the stats:

    Traditionally published books: 215,138
    Print-on-demand books: 32,639
    Total: 247,777

    2007 (projected):
    Traditional: 276,649
    POD: 134,773
    Total: 411,422

In the same issue, PW reported what prompts readers to buy all these books:
    60% are swayed by recommendations by friends or family
    52% are swayed by cover art
    49% are swayed by reviews
    35% are swayed by a blurb/endorsement on the cover
So, here are my contributions to what one reviewer called the “festering pile of publications.” (Let the record show he was referring to books in general and not my books in particular.)

JamesWatkins.Commissary: my online book store

Writers’ resources: add to the pile

ACW Press, an ethical and economical self-publisher I rep