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Lois and I saw Will Smith’s new blockbuster, Hancock, over the weekend.

As a 56-year-old junior higher, I’d recommend it. I love to see things crash, burn and explode. The effects are spectacular—and often very funny. (I love the beached whale scene!)

As a writer/editor, I can’t recommend it. The first half rushes through the selfish and self-destructive superhero maturing and turning into a well-mannered force for good. (There’s just not enough time and struggle for the change we see in Hancock.) In fact, I thought the movie was over when the crowd applauds the reformed hero.

The second half is totally unnecessary as the writer (or more likely a committee of writers) tries to explain Hancock’s past. It’s everything I hate about Star Wars I, II and III. (Why ruin the mystery of Darth Vader?!) And why add a new—and completely implausible—conflict to the Hancock film.

Finally, as a parent/grandparent, I can’t recommend it. To me, there is far too much profanity and sexual content for the PG-13 rating.

I’d develop the first half, delete the second half, and tone down the language and sexual content to make it more family-friendly.

So, one thumb up and two thumbs down.

P.S. This is the summer for superheros (Batman, Hellboy, The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, etc.), so here’s my nominee for the supreme superhero.