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I have in my right hand, direct from my home office, tonight’s top ten list: Top ten signs you’ve been watching too much reality TV.

10. At the last family reunion, you voted off your brother-in-law.

9. You’ve installed a video camera in every room of your house.

8. For chocolate and peanut butter, you’ll strip naked.

7. You’ve named your children Ozzy and Sharon.

6. While in personnel meetings, you inexplicably shout “You’re fired!”

5. You purchased William Hung’s CD.

4. While your neighbors were on vacation, you sneaked in and completely remodeled their house.

3. When you have guests over, you serve Madagascar hissing cockroaches.

2. You’re actually interested in “the simple life” of Paris and Nicole.

1. You know the story behind each of these signs (Seek immediate help!)

Actually, “reality TV” has nothing to do with reality. Read more.