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In a recent post, I mentioned that Sex in the City‘s anthrologist and sex columnist Carrie Bradshaw needed to do some more research. Now LifeScript has posted an article: “Ten Reasons Not to Sleep with Him.” Number one is very interesting.

    1. You’re not as detached as you think.

    Call it the curse (and blessing) of Sex and the City. Guys finally got the message that just because a woman wants to get naked with him doesn’t mean she wants a marriage proposal. However, it also advanced the idea of unemotional sex, which according to science is more difficult than it seems.

    In her book Unhooked: How Young Women Pursue Sex, Delay Love and Lose at Both (Riverhead Hardcover, 2007), author Laura Sessions Stepp highlights research studies that conclude having sex releases a different set of brain chemicals in women than men.

    Specifically, women get a large dose of oxytocin, the hormone that makes you want to bond and create relationships. Men don’t get the oxytocin warm-fuzzies because of testosterone, making it easier for them to “love and leave,” at least biologically speaking.

    Stepp says that evolution has hard-wired us for these tendencies, which can be confusing in our sexually liberated world. So be warned: You may want the sex to be casual . . . but you could end up with a serious case of attachment.

Do your homework, Carrie!