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A new feature here at jameswatkins.com: Random Rant Friday. Today’s rants feature Big Brother AKA “Big Brothel,” Ellen DeGeneres’ wedding, Rick Warren’s “whole life,” Barak Obama’s abortion record, and “X-treme Sunday School” curriculum.

Big Brother AKA “Big Brothel”
Sunday, Tuesday and Thursday nights, someone close to me (I’m not mentioning names) watches the reality show Big Brother. Yikes, it’s turned into “Big Brothel” with preacher’s kid, Ollie, and [insert your own adjective], April, getting to “know” each other in the biblical sense. So, a rant on casual sex.

Ellen DeGeneres’ wedding
US magazine is reporting that comedian Ellen DeGeneres and long-time girlfriend, Portia de Rossi, will wed this weekend in California. This follows the California Supreme Court’s ruling that argued same-sex couple’s have the “right to marry.” So, a rant on why I oppose same-sex “marriage” and why I support “civil unions”.

Rick Warren and “whole life”
Mega-church pastor and mega-selling author of The Purpose-Driven Life had a great answer on this morning’s Good Morning, America when asked if he was “pro-life.” “I’m whole life which means my agenda is expanded. I just don’t believe in that little girl before she is born, but after she is born. Does she have an education? Does she live in poverty?” So, a rant on being pro-life from womb to tomb. (Also, Warren will host both U.S. presidential candidates Saturday night asking each candidate the same questions in a one-hour interview. Watch it live on Fox News.)

Bark Obama’s abortion record
Commentator and Roman Catholic Pat Buchanan has an editorial on Barak Obama’s abortion voting record. So, a rant on the completely illogical arguments for abortion.

X-treme Sunday school
And, finally, Sunday school hasn’t changed much since Robert Raikes (1735-1811) started a school on Sunday to educate the children of chimney sweeps in Sooty Alley in Gloucester, England. While American Sunday school has moved to video projectors from “flannel graphs” (see Wikipedia if under 40 years of age), there has been little change in the actual curriculum, so some rants on “X-treme Sunday School.”

    Great Commission Auto: IV
    Rather than stealing cars and beating up hookers and the homeless, students in this video-game-based curriculum learn how to evangelize street people and assist stranded motorists in Jesus’ name. Bonus points for turning a “chop shop” into a chapel.

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