It’s time again for random rants, reactions and responses:

‘The Kind of Leader America Needs’
The Sunday after Rick Warren hosted a forum for U.S. presidential candidates, the mega-pastor delivered a message entitled, “The Kind of Leader America Needs.” According to Warren, they exhibit integrity, humility and generosity. He noted these were the “first three characteristics,” so I hope, in future sermons, he adds intelligence! In Communicate to Change Lives, I argue that a persuasive person has intelligence, integrity and intensity. I pray the next president has all of those.

Who has those “three characteristics”?
Over at ThinkChristian the concensus seems to be . . .

IOC finally shows some integrity
The International Olympic Committee finally announced an investigation into the ages of Chinese gymnasts. A computer security expert has produced documents showing He Kexin’s age as 14—two years younger than the required age to compete. I wrote in “Fool me once . . . “ that one shouldn’t expect a totalitarian dictatorship that routinely denies human rights abuses to be truthful.

Writing online resources
On a totally different track, I’m teaching a continuing session at the Sandy Cove Christian Communicators Conference called “Online Communication.” So I’m updating my online lecture notes on Writing Online and Planning, Producing and Promoting Your Site. (Links have the shelf life of milk!) You’ll find lots of helpful links in the latter lecture notes. Hope to see many of you there!

25 rejection-proof markets
And speaking of writing, every writer would like to have a best-selling author. (After having thirteen books published, I’m still waiting for my “big break.”) But there are at least 25 ways to make an impact with your writing that don’t involve the dreaded “rejection slip.”

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