Gustav, the category 4 hurricane threatening the gulf coast, is spawning theological implications.

Left-wing filmmaker, Michael Moore, recently claimed that the category 4 hurricane coming ashore during the Republican national convention is, and I quote, “Proof there is a God in heaven.”

RepentAmerican.com, however, saw Hurricane Katrina as a judgment from God upon “South Decadence,” a raucous homosexual gathering that meets each Labor Day weekend in New Orleans. (Their events were cut short this year.)

What a bunch of wind! This is a meteorological manifestation—not a theological judgment. (Well, it is a meteorological judgment on whatever city planner built a city below sea level surrounded by a lake, a river and an ocean!)

Back in May—after numerous tornadoes, earthquakes and cyclones—I quoted Rabbi Daniel Lapin answer to the question “Where is God in natural disasters?” Click for some great points.

In the meantime, my thoughts and prayers are with those along the Gulf coast.