Some interesting comments on my Monday post over at ThinkChristian.net. So, some comments on comments.

First, God doesn’t invite me to His strategic planning meetings, so I’m never sure what He’s up to. I’ve got to trust His will is “good, pleasing and perfect” (Romans 12:2), but usually I’m in the dark as to His plans.

Second, if God uses natural disasters as judgments, His aim is pretty poor. Why is Las Vegas not now a huge crater? Why hasn’t San Francisco fallen into the ocean? Why do Bible-preaching churches get devastated by tornadoes, hurricanes and floods?

And third, a great question, “You claim that this hurricane is a meteorological manifestation, and not a theological one. Then you say that your prayers will be with those along the Gulf coast. Are you praying for a theological intervention in the current meteorological manifestation? It seems like this would put you in Michael Moore/RecentAmerican territory. Or does God need your encouragement to do the right thing?”

Prayer is one of those things I put in the file “Things I don’t understand” along with the Trinity, sovereignty/freewill, and Christ’s humanity/divinity. For instance, we’re told to pray for peace and yet Jesus prophecies “wars and rumors of war.” Huh?

My specific prayer for the Gulf coast is for safety, strength and courage for those facing the storm and its aftermath.