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In a recent emailing, I identified myself as a “moderate.” And I was immediately accused of being “indecisive” and “apathetic.”

The problem with liberal, conservative and moderate labels is that few of us consistently fit the stereotype. For instance, I’m decisively conservative on abortion and un-apathetically liberal on capital punishment. So, does that make me a liberal, a conservative or simply schizophrenic? (I think it makes me pro-life from womb to tomb.)

And, I’m not alone. A study by the American National Election Studies shows that most voters consider themselves moderates, which I assume means they refuse to be pigeon-holed into the liberal or conservative categories. (If given a choice between A or B, I often choose blue.)

But my best argument for being a moderate comes from a man who was never, ever accused of being indecisive or apathetic—Saint Paul:

Let your moderation be known unto all men (Philippians 4:5).

So, as you explore my Heavy Topics with a Light Touch, you’ll find both conservative and liberal positions because I want to look at each new issue afresh. Which, I suppose, makes me a moderate—or a schizophrenic. You can decide!