The tension between God’s providence and humans’ freewill has been long discussed and debated. So, will all the prayers between now and November 4 make any difference in the U.S. presidential election?

Alaskan governor and Republican vice presidential candidate believes so. When asked by James Dobson on the “Focus on the Family” radio program if she was discouraged with polls showing Republicans trailing, Sarah Paliin answered:

To me, it motivates us, makes us work that much harder. And it also strengthens my faith, because I’m going to know, at the end of the day, putting this in God’s hands, that the right thing for America will be done at the end of the day on Nov. 4. So I’m not discouraged at all.

What do you think?

Note: Sunday 9 pm: At this point, “Yes, the winner will be God’s will” is ahead in the polls. I’ll run the poll again after election results are in. It will be interesting to see Evangelicals’ reaction if Barack Obama wins and the progressives’ reaction if John McCain wins. Were prayers answered? Was God’s will accomplished?

Here’s my take: humans—with freewill—will decide the outcome of the election, but God—in His providence—will accomplish His eternal, worldwide will regardless of whatever choices are made in the 2008 U.S. election (Job 42:2, Romans 8:28). I don’t understand how God does it, but I believe He does.

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