It’s been said, “Truth is the first casualty of war.” The same can be said about politics! So here are a few sites that claim to sort out truth from fiction in the 2008 U.S. political campaigns:




Of course, I’m always wondering, Who’s checking the fact checkers? (See If your mother says she loves you, check it out.)

Here’s an important fact check from the Democratic campaign:

In his interview with The News Journal published Oct. 19, Sen. Joe Biden presents a seriously erroneous picture of Catholic teaching on abortion. He said, “I know that my church has wrestled with this for 2,000 years,” and claimed repeatedly that the Church has a nuanced view of the subject that leaves a great deal of room for uncertainty and debate.

This is simply incorrect. The teaching of the Church is clear and not open to debate. Abortion is a grave sin because it is the wrongful taking of an innocent human life. The Church received the tradition opposing abortion from Judaism. In the Greco-Roman world, early Christians were identifiable by their rejection of the common practices of abortion and infanticide.

The Didache, probably the earliest Christian writing apart from the New Testament, explicitly condemns abortion without exceptions. It tells us there is a “way of life” and a “way of death” and abortion is a part of the way of death. This has been the consistent teaching of the Church ever since.

Most Rev. W. Francis Malooly, bishop, Catholic Diocese of Wilmington

So, please, carefully consider the claims and counter claims between now and November 4. And, if your mother says she loves you, check it out.

Thursday 9 am An email from “Bill Brown,” a “retired member of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,” is making the rounds attacking Barack Obama. This is not in any way associated with the BGEA, which has never commented on political races. (See Snopes article.)