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One every three minutes . . .

450 every day . . .

160,000 every year. . .

That’s the number of Christians killed for their faith according to Voice of the Martyrs.

Italian journalist Antonio Socci writes in The New Persecuted that approximately 70 million believers have given their lives for their faith during the two-thousand-year history of Christianity. Of that number, 45.5 million—65 percent—were martyred in the twentieth century.

According to Socci, “the two currents that fuel the persecution of Christians today are Communism and Muslim fundamentalism.”

Christians are being harassed, beaten, imprisoned, tortured and killed in over 30 countries simply because they profess the name of Jesus Christ.

Sunday, November 9, is the “International Day of Prayer” for the persecuted church.
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And, most of all, pray for Christian brothers and sisters who are facing persecution for their faith.