I was at the Indianapolis Christian Writers Conference Friday, so too busy for a “Random Rant Friday” post. Instead, some Monday musings:

The state of publishing

I sat in a fascinating brainstorming session on “The Future of Publishing” moderated by Keith Drury. Look for more electronic publishing, shorter books and articles, customized books and text books for specific audiences, and for the current online writing genre to become the norm for print media.

Mark Gilroy, of Thomas Nelson, mentioned in his keynote talk the continuing trend of fewer publishers, producing fewer titles, by fewer authors. This year, his publisher cut its product line from 750 products to 375!

The state of the Web

While print publishers are scaling back, I’m one of the millions adding to online information overload:

Signs and wonders: Our Lady of the Grilled Cheese
Over 8,000 pilgrims visit Mario Rubio’s small stucco house in rural New Mexico to see skillet burns on a tortilla resembling the mournful face of Jesus. Jesus appears in Fostoria, Ohio, on the side of a soybean oil tank. And just recently, a ten-year-old grilled cheese sandwich allegedly bearing the image of the Virgin Mary was sold on EBay for $28,000! That’s a lot of bread! Are these for real?

Last words
Do you ever think about your last words? (I do every time I’m on a turbo-prop flying to O’Hare!) “This is the last time I fly this airline!” “This ELECTRICAL DANGER! DO NOT REMOVE PANEL! warning label is only for idiots who don’t know what they’re doing.” “I’m innocent, I tell you. You’ve got the wrong man!” “So, you’re the specialist my children recommended, Dr. Kervorkian?!”

Spreading the Word with wit
Al Speegle recently interviewed me for The Door about using humor to share the Good News. Al has a wild and crazy sense of humor, so it was great fun.

The state of my health

I was hoping I’d be over and done with cancer after the 42 radiation treatments, but I’m finding that my radiologist may have been painting too optimistic a picture about recovery time being one month. Fatique, diarrhea and gastorintestinal side effects can linger for up to six years! And, lucky me, I’ve had them all the last couple weeks. So, please keep praying! Thanks.