(Photo from Free Christmas Tree Pictures)

Emily Dickinson never sent her poetry to publishers. Her friends did—often against her wishes. So, in that tradition—but with permission—I’m posting my cousin’s annual Christmas offering.

As you gather around your tree,
Look at the trunk as God strength to uphold you,
See the branches as your family reaching out with love.
Let the lights remind you of Jesus—the light of the world.
Think of the ornaments as your friends—each different yet each other special.
Memories of Christmases past are stored in presents under your tree.
May the angel on top bless you with joy and peace all through the new year.

Wishing you a tree-mendous Christmas.

© Copyright 2008 Rexanne Francis

Thanks, cuz! (We really need to talk about getting you published.)

And a tree-mendous Christmas to each of you!

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