Here’s an interesting response to the worldwide financial crisis from The Wesleyan Church:

The Board of General Superintendents of The Wesleyan Church calls upon the Church to renew its demonstrations of being the people of God in the world. In financially troubled times, we call upon Wesleyans to lead lives that are disciplined, generous, prayerful, courageous and creative.

Disciplined because many of us have consumed too much of the world’s resources on ourselves. This can be a time to control our cravings and determine to live more simply.

Generous because there are people who are (or will be) going without some of the necessities of life and we have an obligation to share with them in Jesus’ name.

Prayerful because the problems that plague our world will not be solved by throwing money at them, but by God intervening with justice and grace.

Courageous because fear and panic are not becoming to the people of God. The peace of Christ allows us to approach life’s difficulties with calm, deliberate, confident steps.

Creative because the mind of Christ inspires His followers to think more clearly of how to minister to others and to society in ways that spread hope and holiness that transform culture.