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Inside this week’s issue

Heavy topics
• 2008: Year of the ShopVac
• Top ten pages in 2008
• Magazines name top religious news stories of 2008
• Best and worst moments in 2008
• Ellison Research names top sins of 2008

Light touch
• My top ten most influencial books
• Top 25 Christian Web sites
• Top ten people who deserve a special place in hell
• Worst subject line of the week
• And more!

2008: The Year of the ShopVac

Year in Review
In many ways 2008 was like a Craftsman 5 HP ShopVac. It sucked! But there were also encouraging moments, so a roundup of . . .
Last year’s heavy topics with a light touch

Top ten pages for 2008
Here were the most popular pages at jameswatkins.com:
1. Blog
2. Women in ministry resources
3. “I just want to die
4. One nation under generic supreme being
5. Top ten reasons I’m not divorcing my wife
6. The hidden habit: masturbation
7. Dealing with death and grief
8. A Platypus Parable
9. Is it a life or a choice?
10. The Nativity Story: original “script”

Magazines name top religious news stories of 2008
Christianity Today
My list

Best and worst moments in 2008
• Boston.com has captured 120 amazing images from the past year (unfortunately, more “worst” than “best”).

Ellison Research names top sins of 2008
Fascinating survey of America’s top 100 sins

More heavy topics
Click here

My top ten most influential books

‘Tis the season for lists, so here are ten books that most influenced my life:
Click here

Top 25 Christian Web sites

Several “top” Christian web site lists exist, but most list only their members, so do not accurately reflect true site rankings. Here are the top 25 Christian sites as reported by Ranking.com as of January 2009.
Click here

Top ten people who deserve a special place in hell

I have in my right hand—direct from the home office in Corn Borer, Indiana—today’s category:
10. Spammers
9. Crooked politicians
8. Richard Reed, the incompetent (fortunately!) shoe bomber, who prompted everyone to take off their shoes in airport security line
7. The Tylenol tamperer, who killed seven people in 1982 and prompted those frustrating “tamper-proof” packages
6. Immoral and unethical TV evangelists
5. Drug dealers
4. Child pornographers
3. Human traffickers
2. Terrorists
1. Me! (According to the Bible, we’re all deserving of hell, but thank God for His unconditional love)

Worst subject line of the week

Enlarge your pajamas python
I’m sometimes amused (and more often appalled) at the euphanisms used in these ads, so I’ve started keeping a list. Here are, in addition to the school-yard terms, a few of more creative and discreet names: baby-maker, dip stick, hot rod, joy stick, lance of love, love stick, magic wand, power tool, torpedo, trouser trombone and zipper ripper. There are even terms for the holidays: candy cane, Cupid’s arrow, bottle rocket and turkey baster. My guess is that their products are as authentic as their euphamisms! (For a more adult approach to “adult” subjects, visit Love, marriage and incredible sex.)

Final touches

Thought for the week
Life is difficult. This is a great truth, one of the greatest truths. It is a great truth because once we truly see this truth, we transcend it. Once we truly know that life is difficult—once we truly understand and accept it—then life is no longer difficult. Because once it is accepted, the fact that life is difficult no longer matters. M. Scott Peck
• Click for more encouraging quips and quotes.

More light touches
Church humor from Rev.
The Dredge Report (Humor page)
Top ten lists

Have a great week and a God-directed New Year! (And come back next Monday for more “heavy topics with a light touch.”)

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