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“Do the happy crab!” Four-year-old Hannah and I both lean back on the couch and wave our hands and feet in the air.

It’s our original way of celebrating whenever someone wins “Candy Land,” “Hungry, Hungry Hippos” or any other board game. And the rule is, we both celebrate no matter who wins the round.

Hopefully, it’s a way to move her from “Ha! I won!” to being able to, as Scripture admonishes, to “Rejoice with those who rejoice.” And she seems to have more fun being a “happy crab” than actually winning a game. (Or maybe it’s because “Papaw” looks absolutely ridiculous doing it.)

It’s something I—slightly older—should do in all situations. When a friend gets a promotion, do the happy crab. When a friend signs a big book contract, do the happy crab. Whenever someone succeeds—and I don’t—do the happy crab. It sure beats being a crabby crab!