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Living in the gap
As a teen, our daughter would have loved to live in The Gap, the trendy clothing store at the mall. Many of us live in the gap, but it’s a gaping hole between jobs or perhaps relationships. There are gaps in our health (three surgeries at three hospitals in two months for one stubborn kidney stone). No one wants to live in those gaps, but they are inevitable. [More]

Free books and dark chocolate
I’ll be reading and signing my book at the Upland (Indiana) public library March 15 5-7 pm, Please, please, please. If you live close to beautiful downtown Upland, please spare me the humiliation of no one showing up at Tuesday’s book reading/signing! I’ll be giving away free books and dark chocolate! Name your price!

Keeping your dream alive
Click here for the audio of my keynote talk at the recent Writing for the Soul conference. (It’s one of my favorite talks filled with hope and humor.)

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