The graph looks like a “black diamond” ski slope! Is it the stock market? New home sales? Network news viewers? Nope, it tracks the number of visitors to my blog since April of 2008. Here are three possible reasons:

1. Much of the loss in traffic came from the demise of GospelCom of which I was a member. The popular portal brought in a whole traffic jam of visitors to

2. My recent—and totally unscientific—survey revealed that people enjoy “Hope and Humor,” but are just too busy to visit regularly. And since I began my site in April 1997, the number of sites worldwide has grown exponentially to nearly 30 billion sites. That’s a lot of competition for people’s time and attention.

3. The vast majority of my traffic (74 percent) is now coming from search engines, which supports my theory that people have become searchers of information rather than followers of particular authors. (I have nearly 1,200 Facebook friends—love you all—but only 3 percent of visits to come from links posted there. A fraction of a percent of visits come from my Twitter links.)

Visits to the 200-plus pages on my site have also declined, but at more of a “bunny slope” than a deadly drop. And so, with the encouragement of Jeanette’s post, it’s time to “grow brave,” shoot the horse (although I’m sure she wasn’t suggesting that!) and “attempt greater feats” with a better return for my effort than blogging. Honestly, at this point, I have no clue what that “something” is, so thanks for your prayers for wisdom and creativity.

I’ll continue to archive articles, book excerpts, comedy/drama, humor and original videos on this site, but will no longer regularly blog. So, starting Wednesday, September 1, the home page, which was used as a blog for the past several years, will become an index of pages arranged by categories. Click for a sneak preview.

And I’ll continue to keep in touch on Facebook and Twitter as well as posting an occasional new article or book excerpt at