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Fourteen years of “Hope & Humor”
250 articles, book excerpts, columns, devotionals, editorials, humor columns, original music and videos from my sixteen books and over two thousands articles in print. Plus . . .

Clone-liness is not next to godliness
It’s pastoral vote season in my denomination. And despite all the ponderous prayers that parishioners seek “the mind of God” in voting, I haven’t seen a single unanimous vote! Perhaps . . .

Is “Iron Man” really a good idea?
I probably over-think things, but I’m not sure iron is the best component for a super hero. Superman is vulnerable to kryptonite, but Iron Man can be stopped in his tracks by being caught in the rain. And that giant magnet at the scrap yard or an MRI technician can easily take him out. So here, IMHO, are some better engineered superheroes:

Lent, Good Friday and Easter resources

My plot to eliminate IRS

Which path is “right” path?!
I’m not always sure I’m on the “right” path. So, here are a couple thoughts.

You are important
The apostle Paul provides three important reminders.

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